An award-winning interior design firm specializing in residential properties,
offering a range of full-service interior design advice,
based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


“Heidi radiates creative energy, diving into every endeavor with excitement and an open mind.”

-Errol Morris, Academy Award Winning Filmmaker & longtime client

“A real talent for combining her connoisseur’s eye with bravura turns of color & pattern.”

-Ingrid Abramovitch, Executive Editor, Elle Decor

“Working with this erudite, energetic designer is a refreshing change.”

-Rachel Slade, Editor, Boston Home Magazine

“With the connoisseurship of a curator and a self-confident sense of style. Pribell’s work may indeed be visionary.”

Boston Globe Magazine

What Harvard interiors say about its identity - past, present and future.


Underscoring her design mantra of grandeur with a bohemian flair, “Pribell understands the spirit behind the periods in which she works, yet has a flexible sensibility that brings an exciting twist to everything” according to Boston Magazine.