Astor Revival

Built in 1881, this architectural design was inspired by John Hancock’s home, demolished 18 years earlier. The residence was commissioned by John Jacob Astor’s grandson through the architectural firm Sturgiss & Brigham.

It has been my privilege overseeing the renovation of this historic home over the course of three years and discovering during this time that Arthur Astor Carey, born and raised in Rome, delightfully wove within the interior architecture a meaningful narrative pertaining to his upbringing, education and aspirations. The references to ten Roman mythological gods in the public rooms are fascinating.

Learning he was later responsible for establishing the Boston Society of Arts & Crafts and Dedham Pottery, I was pleasantly surprised recognizing his life-long fascination with decorative objects and interiors. The home represents one of the earliest remaining expressions of the Colonial Revival movement, and is a milestone for Cambridge and the country.
  • Project Style: Eclectic