Winter Lyricism

Generally I think of winter as stark and colorless.  Yet in February before the snowfall I took a walk through Lincoln. The vistas were teaming with evidence of life and I was fascinated by the textures.  Long ago pastures, now secluded, seem primordial.







The day was dreary, cold & overcast.  Nevertheless I was surprised by all the life found in winter landscape and delighted in the parched bark, frozen leaves and bubble textures.  See for yourself!


























It was a day when the ordinary became extraordinary.  As I was leaving the sun broke through revealing a lush pathway of green lichen.  On my way out I marveled at an aged tree, majestic in its barren state. I can’t wait to see it come to life with leaves in the spring.


Meanwhile I’ll dream of woven fabrics that resemble the patterns found that winter day…






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