Need a Change? Start With Paint

Painting is a straight forward way to change your environment, because color makes a huge emotional difference.  So when updating a space, making over a room, and refreshing the energy of a home or office, painting is an effective approach without committing a large investment.

IMG_3267A new color combination can always improve a tired space.  And if the overall effect is not quite satisfying, it’s just as easy to remedy with a coat of another paint color.

If you are choosing between several colors, I suggest painting them each on large format boards.  Because they can be mounted around the room, each color may be viewed in differing light. This is an effective way to choose color before painting the entire room.

Experimenting with bold color is easy with color boards simply because the investment of time & money is relatively small.  And the payoff could be great!

Splashes of color help make New England winters more pleasant!  This lively red trim turned a lackluster space into a vibrant, cheerful family room.

Pribell 8 13 livingrm 2 copy

And a little color transformed this formerly nondescript, white-walled space into a spirited children’s bedroom. This mellow green paint accented with a vivid yellow wallpaper brightens and infuses the room’s youthful energy.

31_crescent_st_bedroom1 copy

I first defer to my clients’ preferences, because I can make any color scheme work.  Choose colors you enjoy, but don’t be afraid to mix it up and try something new!

Bear in mind that even a simple adjustment to a neutral shade can have outstanding results.

Tip: Painting just one wall can change the feel of a space, and it’s easy to do on a budget. Take a color plunge and have fun!

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