“Old World Ornamentation”

New Trend — Austerity is dull!  Last week the Wall Street Journal announced that “fringe, cording and tassels” were one of five new major trends.  Yes, old world ornamentation does give character to modern upholstery.

Heidi Pribell Vignette of green chair and ottomanHeidi Pribell Upholstery detail (1) Heidi Pribell Upholstery detail (2)
History is not only a source of wisdom, but also comfort in our rapidly changing millennium. Classical Georgian & Empire antiques have unwavering appeal.  Fashionable are interiors are now “traditional  and dressy, with a shot of nostalgia.”  For those of us with any reverence for history, this is reassuring.

Heidi Pribell Upholstery detail Heidi Pribell Upholstery detail (3)

I have always said windows without curtains look like a woman without eyebrows.  More “dramatic drapes” are resplendent in our technological age.  I hadn’t known passementerie was out-of-style.

Rear Parlor SheersHeidi Pribell detail of striped window treatment 3













Other trends are mid-century Mexican modernism, black metal, rounded corners, and flat-woven rugs from Scandinavia.

See — http://www.wsj.com/articles/top-5-interior-design-trends-for-2016-1451423833


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