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Your World, Made to Order

Interior Designer Boston & Cambridge, Heidi Pribell

The Studio at Heidi Pribell Interiors is expanding conventions by creating personalized wallpapers. In keeping with the unique thread that runs through everything we do, our bespoke wallpaper continues to be a natural progression as we provide custom papers and murals in the form of original, evocative backdrops. For individuals seeking something personally gratifying, collaborate with us on custom themed designs.  A concept can pertain… Read more »

Orange is the New Red

  Growing up surrounded by a grove of oranges trees, I adore the vibrant color of my childhood.  Orange never fails to inspire me! Stimulating and flamboyant, orange is associated with energy, warmth, and sensuality. It stimulates hunger, creative energy, and desire, which brightens and boosts its surroundings. This warm hue invokes images of summer heat and… Read more »

The Power of Red

I love red!  Essentially it’s symbol of life’s vitality and represents our heart, likely because it is the color of blood. Yet there are people who shy away from the color perhaps because of fear that it represents anger, warning or death. I associate red with the basic things we need for survival and security––those things that give life!   But also red… Read more »

Out With the Old, In With the Joyful

When it comes to home (and office) decorating and organizing decisions, what goes is as essential as what stays. Discarding can involve some difficult choices, stress, even emotional resistance. But giving, donating, recycling, and throwing away are integral to transforming your space. Everyone has their own system for discarding, tidying, and organizing––and some work better… Read more »

Need a Change? Start With Paint

Painting is a straight forward way to change your environment, because color makes a huge emotional difference.  So when updating a space, making over a room, and refreshing the energy of a home or office, painting is an effective approach without committing a large investment. A new color combination can always improve a tired space.  And… Read more »

India Hicks in Boston

When I RSVP’d to the 2015 Spring Showcase at the Boston Design Center featuring designer India Hicks, words like ‘sophisticated’ and ‘privileged’ came to mind. My short list of expectations, however, did not include ‘down-to-earth’ or ‘self-deprecating,’ although India was both while presenting her hour-long slide show. With humor and poignant anecdotes, she shared images… Read more »