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This is a client testimonial for HPI

MA, Aspen

“Heidi is a world-class consummate designer and visionary. She has an artist’s flair of color and space coupled with an a unique vision to bring the disparate to a highly coordinated look. I have worked with Heidi on two projects, in Cambridge and in Aspen CO, one traditional and the other mountain classic. In each… Read more »

AW, Cambridge

“Heidi helped us renovate a townhouse in Cambridge, MA in 2015. She is a first-rate professional with an impressive eye for detail, color, and contrast. Heidi has a wonderful design imagination, but she is also willing to listen and come up with alternative proposals. We could not recommend her company more strongly!”

AL, Boston

“Heidi melds her extensive knowledge of design with an intuitive sense for decorating. She has a dynamic personality, which is infused into every project she tackles. Even on a budget, she makes the most of a space by adding splashes of color, eye-popping designs, and juxtaposed materials. In my house, she helped update and transform… Read more »

TDH, Boston

“People who appreciate great design should hire Heidi Pribell. Heidi has boundless enthusiasm. She has an amazing eye and an incredible sense of detail. She really made a difference between our having a ‘nice’ design and a really fabulous design. Not over-designed fabulous, just fabulous. “She can see and assess very quickly what will make… Read more »

AKSH, Washington DC

“Heidi has a superb, modern take. The result is sophisticated and really great-looking. Our home is historically accurate and a real jewel in the neighborhood. “Her genius comes from her intuitive color sense. If you can come anywhere close to describing the color you want, she can give you exactly what you want. She puts… Read more »

ML, Wellesley

“We decided to work with Heidi again because we were so pleased with her design for our other home. She has a real gift with colors, and can design a home so that the colors throughout the entire home flow seamlessly from room to room. “Heidi’s ultimate strength – and it’s very unique – is… Read more »

KK, Cambridge

“When someone designs for your home, they are basically conducting an orchestra made up of many different instruments. Some of the instruments are hard to find; sometimes the timing of the different parts needs to be tweaked a bit; and sometimes the cost of putting on the symphony seems to be too much. You need… Read more »