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New Design Studio

The interior design business now resides on the top floor of the historic Hooper-Lee-Nichols House. It’s the second oldest building in Cambridge and also serves as home to the Cambridge Historical Society, located at 159 Brattle Street.

Age of Wonderment

Interior Designer Boston & Cambridge, Heidi Pribell

Planting my flag in this age of wonderment with our new mascot, inspired by Albrecht Durer’s groundbreaking woodcut c.1515. Our homage to the early age of discovery is epitomized in Durer’s work. Without seeing, but upon receiving a letter with description and second-hand sketch of the beast (thought mythological at the time), Durer created a masterpiece using… Read more »


Interior Designer Boston & Cambridge, Heidi Pribell

Presented with the opportunity to acquire assets of a residential real estate staging business at an attractive price, established a home-staging company focused on high-end properties. Helped clients create significant amounts of value by achieving sales in a sideways market. What I thought of as an amusing sideline, became a full blown operation. Each job… Read more »

Restoring a House in the City

Interior Designer Boston & Cambridge, Heidi Pribell

Featured in a prestigious art book showcasing renovated townhouses, brownstones and row houses with great style. Written by Ingrid Abramovitch, senior editor at Elle Decor View more info and photos here »

Renovated Gas Station

Exterior by Interior Designer Boston & Cambridge, Heidi Pribell

Opened interior design studio in historic gas station, also featuring antiques and home furnishings. The building, built in 1924, typical of the vernacular architecture found throughout Harvard, garners its historic designation.

Heidi Pribell for Adelphi Custom Wallpaper

Interior Designer Boston & Cambridge, Heidi Pribell

Adelphi Paper Hangings, makers of Custom & Historic Wallpapers, providing superior quality wallpapers using traditional methods. Modernized, created and demonstrated twenty-four custom colorways, for their Custom Wallpaper Solutions webpage. View more here »

Appeared in 2002 Short Film for 74th Academy Awards by Errol Morris

Interior Designer Boston & Cambridge, Heidi Pribell

Along with Fran Leibowitz; Michael Gorbachev; Walter Cronkite; Jonathan Adler; Tom Brady; Barbara Bush; Reverend Al Sharpton; William Wegman and Chip; Donald Trump; Carolina Herrera; Iggy Pop; Lou Reed; Susan Sontag; Philip Glass; Alice Waters; Christy Turlington View video here »

Heidi Pribell Interiors

Living Room by Interior Designer Boston & Cambridge, Heidi Pribell

Began pursuing a full-time interior design profession, advising clients on good, better, best investments..

Fast, Cheap & Out of Control

Interior Designer Boston & Cambridge, Heidi Pribell

Props and production work for documentary film by Errol Morris profiling four subjects with extraordinary careers: Dave Hoover, who is a lion tamer; George Mendonça, who created topiaries at Green Animals Topiary Garden in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, including giraffes made out of boxwood; Ray Mendez, a hairless mole-rats expert; and Rodney Brooks, an M.I.T. scientist… Read more »

1997 New England Spring Flower Show

Designer Boston & Cambridge, Heidi Pribell

Invited by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, founded in 1829, to create a vignette for their annual show. The Fenway, aka the Emerald Necklace, Designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, inspired the design.

Harvard Magazine Article

Interior Designer Boston & Cambridge, Heidi Pribell

Capturing the dawn of the antiques industry in America, as it began on Charles Street in Boston, by Heidi Pribell See full piece here »